Cuba Travel Tips for Beginners

cuba travel tips

Cuba is one of the best Caribbean countries to visit. However, it is a little different from other Caribbean countries based on culture and even language. It is a beautiful country, and US travel to Cuba is smooth since you get direct and competitive prices.

When planning your travel to Cuba, make sure that you have enough time and planning. There are a lot of interesting things and places to see, so you need to have a good plan for what you will do and see during your trip. Here are some Cuba travel tips for beginners:

Get Cash

If you are traveling from the USA to Cuba, it is important to have some liquid cash. It is advisable to change your cash as soon as you arrive in Cuba. Your credit cards might not work in Cuba, and you will need to have some money for basic transactions.

Most of the things are bought cash, so having some disposable cash with you can be very helpful. It will help you save on high transaction fees, and it is a flexible way to pay since most of the people are doing it anywhere.

Dress Casual

Do not stress too much about your dress code when you go to Cuba. It is advisable to dress down because most of the people are not uptight in their dressing—people in the country like dressing down and relaxing, especially in the streets.

If you would like to blend with the normal population and you do not want to be singled out as a tourist, carry a lot of your casual clothes, and they will be ideal for almost all the occasions and events that you will attend.

Learn Some Spanish Phrases

Learning some Spanish phrases can be very helpful. It is important to have some basic phrases that you can use to communicate.

If you are coming from an English speaking country, you might not always get someone who can talk to you in English. Learning the basics can be very helpful so that you do not get stuck in situations.

Engage With The Locals

Engaging with locals is always a good idea. It will help you to enjoy your trip and also provide a learning experience. When you engage with the locals, you get a chance to enjoy their delicacies instead of eating what is served in restaurants. It is a good time to learn about others and also save money on expensive restaurants by enjoying local cuisines.

Author: Ahmad Winters